João Câmara andrew hill ivermectin District Institute of Education & Training(DIET), Nagaon


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Duration of the Course : 2 Years

Intake Capacity: 100

Conducted by : SCERT, Assam

An advertisement by SCERT for 2-Year D.El.Ed. Course 

Course Fee : West Scarborough longview gay hook up Rs. 1350 /-


Liège horse ivermectin for head lice ACADEMIC STAFF OF DIET, NAGAON, SAMAGURI   (as on Feb ’2019): 

Sl. No.NameDesignationQualificationSubject of Teaching
1Dr. Rita DeviPrincipalM. Sc., M.Ed. , Ph. D.Mathematics
3Sri Alakesh DuttaSr. LecturerM.Sc. , M.Ed.Work Education
4Sri Jibesh SarmaSr. LecturerM.Sc. , M.Ed. Science
5Sri Anjan BorahSr. LecturerM.Sc., M.A., B.Ed.Mathematics, Education
6Mrs. Indrani BorgohainSr. LecturerM.A. , B.Ed.Paper-I (CPC) Paper-III ESCL TISC
7Mrs. Sebika Borah Sr. LecturerM.A. , B.Ed.M.I.L. Assamese
8Mrs. Dipti BorahLecturerM.Sc. , B.EdEnvironmental Sc., Contemporary Indian Society, Physical Edu.
9Sri Utpalmani KandaliLecturerM.Sc. , B.EdScience, Psychology, Foundation Edu. etc.
10Sri Binandi SaikiaLecturerM.Sc. , B.EdTeacher Identity, School Culture, Pedagogy etc.
11Sri Tilak GoswamiLecturerM.Com. , B.EdCreative Drama, Children Physical & Emotional Health
12Sri Manoj Kr. Sing ChauhanLecturerM.Sc. , B.EdScience, Mathematics.
13Mrs. Premlata DeviLecturerM.Sc. , B.Ed Social Science
14Sri Parag Jyoti BorahLecturerM.A. , B.Ed.M.I.L. (Assamese)
15Mrs. RineeHazarikaLecturerM.Sc. , B.EdMathematics
16Mrs. Nabasmita Deka LecturerM.A. , B.Ed.ICT, Social Science
17Mrs. Bithika SaikiaLecturerM.A. , B.Ed.Work Education
18Miss Monsumi BoraLecturerM.A., M.Phil., B.Ed.Assamese
19Mrs. Abhilasha NathLecturerM.Sc. , B.EdMathematics
20Miss Dipanwita DekaLecturerMVA, BFAArt Education
21Dr. Gitamani DekaLecturerM.A., B.Ed.P&M
22Miss Sanam KhanLecturerM.P. Ed., M PhilPhysical Education
23Miss Hemshikha TalukdarLecturerM.A. , M.Ed. NET, SLETSocial Science
24Miss Mallika EngheepiLecturerM.A., B.Ed.

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