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                    The constitution of India under Article 45 made it obligatory to the part of government for providing free and compulsory education for all children until they complete the age of fourteen years. It also gave emphasis for 100% literacy. This objective was yet to be realized in its intended sense. In the year 1986, Indian parliament adopted a new National Policy on Education (NPE) which stated that improvement in the status and professional competence of teachers is the cornerstone of educational reconstruction. It envisaged teacher education as a continuous process with pre-service and in-service training being its inseparable components. It was in this context District Institute of Education and Training DIETs) were established throughout the country.

                    In the year 1989, District Institute of Education & Training (DIET), Nagaon was established in Nagaon district and later recognised by NCTE in 2005. Right from the inception DIET, Nagaon has been rendering quality training to the elementary school teachers (both lower & upper primary) with the support of its 7 branches namely PSTE, IFIC, WE, ET, P&M, DRU & CMDE. Besides training this institution has been imparting administrative level training to the block level officials like BEEO, SI etc. To minimize the academic problems of the teachers, DIET faculties have been conducting Action research regularly and giving them fruitful suggestions. Apart from it the faculties have been regularly supervising and monitoring the schools of the entire Nagaon district under 11 educational blocks.

                    With a view to revamp the elementary education system, DIET, Nagaon has been devised as a vibrant instrument for bringing about qualitative transformation in the system of elementary education at the district level.


Universalization of Elementary Education (UEE)  is the most important and immediate goal in the area of Elementary education until the adoption of the National Policy Education (NPE). The support in the area of elementary education was being provided largely at the national and state level only by institutions like NCERT, NUEPA and SCERTs. Therefore the NPE and POA envisaged addition of a third-district level-tier to the support system in the shape of District Institutes of Education & Training (DIETs). Thus DIETs were born with expectation of wider quantitative coverage as well as quantitatively better support to the field.In Assam, DIETs were formed in the year 1989 initially in 6 districts and later on phase wise DIETs were established in other districts also. DIET Nagaon was the 1st –phase DIET, i.e. established in 1989 in the campus of Basic Training Centre, Samaguri. Since its very inception DIET, Nagaon has been showing remarkable achievements both in academic and non-academic fields.


(a)   Land Area : Land area of DIET, Nagaon is of moderate nature. The total land area of DIET is about 22 Bighas.

(b)   Total plinth ares : The total plinth area of DIET, Nagaon is about 3500 Sq m. This includes office, class halls, hostel and staff quarters.

(c)  Address :    Vill  –  Bheleuguri
P.O. & P.S.   – Samaguri
Dist.           – Nagaon (Assam)
PIN            – 782140
E-Mail : dietnagaonsamaguri@gmail.com
Website : www.dietnagaon.co.in
Phone No : 03672-229919 /9435160161

(d) Latitudinal Position of Institute = 26.4069
Longitudinal Position of Institute = 92.8187

(e)  Present Strength :    Academic Staff = 17 Nos. ;  Office Staff = 17 Nos.
Student Trainees : 3rd Semester =  65 Nos.  ;   1st Semester =  100 Nos.

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